Self Development

Question: How can you offer the best of who you are, if you are not taking care of the best of who you are, if you are not developing, growing,…

  • Learning to love God's Plan B for your life.

    Guest Leader: Jon Oletzke

    Every leader will encounter an interruption at some point in life. It may come through conflict, loss, physical illness, it maybe financial reversal, marital discord, or even eventually raging out of your role. The good news, just as God has designed the physical body so that the blood vessel rerouted around an injury or an interruption. He will also reroute His plans and purposes around the interruptions in your life.

  • Looking and expecting for more

    Guest Leader: Wilma Olivier

    We all will face low places and it maybe tough, your health maybe taking a knock, maybe you are in a financial famine, whatever it may be. I’m very encouraged when I read about the 4 lepers in the book of 2 Kings 7, because I don’t think you can be in a lower place than they were. I want to share some keys from that story that will help you to look and expect for more in the low places of your life.

  • Pastoral vs Administrative

    Guest Leader: Ron Carpenter

    When you are administrative you understand that you are not running a charity. When you are a pastor you understand… yes you are. And as the church grows there are a lot of people that, in the early phases of church growth, they think that growing a large church is the same as a small church, it just has more people and more revenue. That is far from the truth. Here is how I have experienced it.

  • Dealing with your Judas

    Guest Leader: Randy Valimont

    Somewhere on down the line you will have to deal with Judas. Jesus talked about it in John 6:64-71, It must have been a very painful thing for Jesus to have to talk about. One of the things that I have learned is that as a young leader I got Judas and Peter confused, they both denied Jesus. Here is what I have learned their differences were.

  • Connecting through Communication

    Guest Leader: Patrick Winfield

    Communication is very powerful because it is through communication that you are able to connect with the things that is in the hearts of the people that are following you. It is one thing for someone to connect with your vision, it is another thing for you to connect with them through viable communication that is going to help them understand how much you care.

  • Overcoming Doubt

    Guest Leader: Rich Guerra

    I’m often asked what the greatest challenges that ministers face today. I believe it is overcoming doubt. We all struggle with doubt, but how do we overcome doubt? Even the disciples, when Jesus was ascending to Heaven, they worshipped Him but there were some that doubted. How can you doubt the resurrected Savior? Here are the 3 areas, I believe, we all struggle in.

  • 5 Ways To Grow Joyful Givers

    Guest Leader: Brian Kluth

    This is what I learned over the many years of doing generosity ministry on how any church, any where in the world, of any size, can grow joyful givers and giving. The first key is to instruct from the Bible. Stewardship, generosity and giving is about the Bible not the budget. It is about faith raising not just fundraising. Let me explain this in more detail.

  • Leadership Connectivity

    Guest Leader: Melvin Marriner

    I have come to understand over the decades that leadership isn’t just about the destination, strategic outcome, policies, procedures, or even challenges. But rather, it is a divine opportunity to connect with God’s most creative design, people. People have to matter more than the budget, architectural design, or even personal aspirations. Let me tell you what it is about.

  • Leadership Hacks

    Guest Leader: Karen Robertson

    What is a Life Hack? A Life Hack is any trick, skill, or novelty method used to increase productivity and efficiency. The busier life gets, and I know yours is too, I need smarter ways to accomplish productivity in ministry. Working smarter not harder is not a way of getting out of work, it is a way accomplishing what you need to accomplish with more efficiency. Here are some Leadership Hacks that have worked for me.

  • Engaging Leaders

    Guest Leader: Kevin Donaldson

    There are 3 qualities that I look for when I engage with a leader. I found that these qualities have set a person apart and really determine how effective they will be in their leadership. The first thing I look for when I engage with a leader is courage. The courage to change. Many of my clients tend to be people that are 20-25 years in to their leadership career and have some success. And sometimes our greatest enemy is our past success. Let me explain that in more detail.

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