Being nervous is good!

I get to speak on some of the largest platforms in the world, and want to tell you, I’ve been doing this for so many years but I’m still nervous.…

  • Paying attention to the wrong people

    Guest Leader: Penny Maxwell

    I get asked this question all the time “What is the biggest mistake you have made as a pastor?” Everybody wants to know your biggest mistake and I’m sure it is because they want to learn from it…right? Well, one of the most costly decisions you will ever make is paying attention to the wrong people.

  • Great Things Start Small

    Guest Leader: Matt Fry

    One of the principles I learned a long time ago is that great things do start small. Everything starts small. God takes a small amount and does great things. Even the faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. Throughout the Bible we see that God uses people that feel small or even insignificant and does great things through them.

  • The power of your words

    Guest Leader: Martha Fry

    As leaders we have to choose the words that we speak over people. The Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. So as leaders I think there are 2 very important places where we have to choose to speak life. The first place is in our work place, in our environment, the place where we live. If you want to change your environment then change the words that you are speaking. Choose life!

  • Navigating the Process of Change

    Guest Leader: Marlin Harris

    In every organization “change” is not only inevitable, it will eventually become necessary.  Everything that grows, changes, and anything that stops changing, dies.  The question is not “will our organization change”, but rather it is “what are the steps to making change happen”.  This video is a short and simple discussion on how a leader can help to navigate the process of change in his or her organization.

  • Are female ministers unfit to have a voice in the church?

    Guest Leader: Lisa Bevere

    For years as a female minister I would hear things from church leaders that would say that women are unfit, easily deceived, gullible, therefore they should not have a voice in the church. They should not have any kind of leadership or authority or teaching capacity in the church. And I have to be honest with you, I had to look back at my own life and I’ve seen areas where I’ve been unfit, or I’ve been gullible. But here is the truth, Jesus is the one who makes me fit.

  • Marry the mission, date the method

    Guest Leader: Paul Morton

    Always remember that the future belongs to those that are open to positive changes. Whatever you do, don’t get stuck. Don’t get stuck in tradition that destroys because tradition can become nothing more than frozen success. I believe it is very important that as leaders we know our mission, preaching the gospel to let everyone know that Jesus saves. But the methods might change. I always say, marry the mission, date the method.

  • The Balance Blend

    Guest Leader: Paul de Jong

    It is an amazing thing in life that we kind of see everything as one or the other. But God uses two opposing extremes to create one truth. Think about it for a moment. You have a positive and a negative to a battery to make it work. We need the sun and we need the rain, we need winter and we need summer. Everything about God and the way that He works for us to create leadership momentum means that we need to actually incorporate two extremes.

  • The Comparison Thief

    Guest Leader: Joe Camenetti

    The comparison thief wants to steal our passion. He wants to steal the passion that will enable us to lead at the level God created us to lead at. It doesn’t matter if you had a great event, for instance Easter Weekend and your numbers were up, salvations were up, everything was up. But it is amazing that on Monday the comparison thief will come and make you feel like you have not done well because someone else did a little better. This is what we can do to protect ourselves.

  • Courageous Leadership

    Guest Leader: Clifford Johnson

    For the past 25 years visionaries spiritual leadership, Gods patterns and principles for joining. That joining means, pastor or leader, you need to join every person who is under you in ministry because vision comes from God to you, to your leaders, and there needs to be supernatural joining. And that takes courage. Let me talk to you more about courage.

  • The iFactor

    Guest Leader: Van Moody

    I want to talk about a subject that is rarely mentioned in leadership sessions, conferences, leadership circles that many many people frequent. It is what I call “The iFactor”. Many people in the world have all the trappings of success. They are decked out with everything the world finds impressive. You see that with leaders all over the world. But why do so many of them crash and burn? Let me tell you more about “The iFactor”.

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