A tribute to my late grandson: from tragedy to triumph

Everyone has tragedy in their lives. The beautiful children around me, are here because they had some kind of tragedy in their lives. Our grandson died in childbirth, his name…

  • Living well through the seasons of life

    Guest Leader: Edmund Chan

    We are concerned as leaders of how we lead, but God is concerned with how we live. In Psalms 90:12 it says; Teach us to number our days, that we might present to you a heart of wisdom. Now this is not just a numerical quantitative numbering of days. It is a moral compass, it is a moral discernment of how short our life is, and how we have to live wisely in the presence of God. Let me expound on this.

  • Leadership Styles

    Guest Leader: Frank Damazio

    One of the things about leaders is the character, the gifting, and the combination of both, make up what I would call the leadership style. A Leadership style is something that you actually apply and begin to endorse in your own heart and spirit on the kind of leader you want to be. when you have the right character and the roots of integrity, you can build about anything with your leadership gifting that you need for God to use to further the Kingdom in your life and in lives of other people.

  • Viewpoint VS Point of View

    Guest Leader: Johnny Slabbert

    I found that people have a problem communicating messages to one another. People become offended, people don’t understand why this instruction was given. So to help obviate that problem I try and teach my staff that you need to understand the principles of “viewpoint” and “points of view.” Let me illustrate the difference for you.

  • 5 Keys to Maximize your Leadership Potential

    Guest Leader: Dave Burrows

    I want to give you 5 words. The first word is Recognize. Now, why is this word important? It is very difficult to change anything in your life if you don’t recognize. As a leader, you have to recognize who are your friends and who are your foes. Recognize who is helping you, and recognize who is hurting you. Once you have recognized what is going on around you then the next step is Organize. Watch the video to get the other 4 Keys to your Leadership Potential.

  • Leadership Styles

    Guest Leader: Gloria Williams

    It is very important for leaders to be responsible and for leaders to be practical in their technique in dealing with those who are working with them on their team. So that we can be successful in everything that we are setting out to do. There are 3 areas I would like to share with you today. Delegated Leadership, Hands-on Leadership, and Responsible Leadership. Let me elaborate on these.

  • Having a better developmental conversation

    Guest Leader: Craig Groeschel

    What is a developmental conversation? As your organization grows, what happens? Sometimes you actually outgrow certain team members. Your organization is growing and getting stronger, and some people haven’t grown as rapidly as your organization and get left behind. What do you do? And how do you have a good developmental conversation with them? Here are 5 really simple things you can do.

  • The role of the church

    Guest Leader: John Jenkins

    Some years ago we had a minister come into the church to talk about the role of the church. And he taught us that the role of ministry is not just the minister’s role but it is everyone’s role, every member’s role, and responsibility. And he modeled and drilled that point home for us by going to a chalkboard and here is what he showed us.

  • The Big 3 of Leadership

    Guest Leader: James Merritt

    Everybody has qualities that they try to exhibit in their leadership and what I’ll give you is nothing new. But I do believe that these three in the ministry that I’ve had over the last 4 decades have been the biggest three that have made the biggest impact in my life as a leader. I’m not going to give them to you in any certain order but I try to constantly practice them on a daily basis. Here are my big 3 on leadership…

  • The Sabbath Principle

    Guest Leader: Scott Jones

    The Sabbath Principle, this is something that we have taken as a suggestion from God. We have taken it and made it something novel to live by. But it has been interesting in my time as a leader and leading leaders, to discover how many pastors and leaders actually neglect the principle of the Sabbath. We need to remember that the Sabbath is actually a command from God, He said you have to remember the Sabbath and do no work.

  • The Cost of Coaching

    Guest Leader: Nicole Crank

    The cost of coaching is being willing to deal with conflict. Never in my life have I had a leader or pastor call me or text me “Hey, guess what, I’m going to correct someone today. Tell them they were wrong and I get to deal with this sticky situation.” No, those are the days we don’t look forward to… However, we might be looking at those days a little bit wrong. This is what God shared with me about this.

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