Who is the Best Consultant?

Today I’m going to help you find the best consultant. Now I’m a leadership consultant, and I travel all over the world consulting with organizations, but that is not what…

  • Leadership Connectivity

    Guest Leader: Melvin Marriner

    I have come to understand over the decades that leadership isn’t just about the destination, strategic outcome, policies, procedures, or even challenges. But rather, it is a divine opportunity to connect with God’s most creative design, people. People have to matter more than the budget, architectural design, or even personal aspirations. Let me tell you what it is about.

  • Leadership Hacks

    Guest Leader: Karen Robertson

    What is a Life Hack? A Life Hack is any trick, skill, or novelty method used to increase productivity and efficiency. The busier life gets, and I know yours is too, I need smarter ways to accomplish productivity in ministry. Working smarter not harder is not a way of getting out of work, it is a way accomplishing what you need to accomplish with more efficiency. Here are some Leadership Hacks that have worked for me.

  • Engaging Leaders

    Guest Leader: Kevin Donaldson

    There are 3 qualities that I look for when I engage with a leader. I found that these qualities have set a person apart and really determine how effective they will be in their leadership. The first thing I look for when I engage with a leader is courage. The courage to change. Many of my clients tend to be people that are 20-25 years in to their leadership career and have some success. And sometimes our greatest enemy is our past success. Let me explain that in more detail.

  • Permission to Grieve

    Guest Leader: Myesha Chaney

    As leaders we are innovative, resilient, we are driven and focused, we don’t allow anything to stop us. We are progressive. I remember a season where my husband and I we were just so busy that we didn’t take the time to process through the disappointments. We were so busy moving the Kingdom forward that we forgot to look down and see that we ourselves were bleeding. I want to give you permission today to grieve.

  • How do we discover God’s future for us?

    Guest Leader: Mark Kelsey

    What is it that God has for us coming up? The future is not just discovered in the passing of time. I believe it is revealed to us. I believe God has at least 4 mechanisms to help us discover what that future is. Let me expound on these 4 mechanisms.

  • Finding Your Purpose

    Guest Leader: Matthew Thompson

    I believe I am uniquely qualified to help a generation to find their purpose or to simply ask the question, what is my purpose. There are so many people afraid to ask that question. I believe that before you were in your mothers womb, before you were in your fathers loins that God had a plan and purpose for you. I believe there are some barriers that hinder us from walking in our purpose. These are some of those barriers.

  • The process of identifying leaders

    Guest Leader: Mark Varughese

    We all understand that the significance of leadership being not only the problem but also the solutions. For us, we looked at 5 characteristics we need when we identify leaders. The first one is the ability to inspire. If you can’t inspire someone then nobody will want to follow you. Here are the other 4 characteristics.

  • A skill that changed my life!

    Guest Leader: Kathleen Cooke

    A few years ago a client of ours did a massive research study of a 100.000 people or more. They wanted to discover what is it that actually changes people’s behavior. Was it going to church? Reading their Bible? Praying? What exactly were those things that could actually change a persons behavior. I know you are interested in that. Here is how.

  • The spirit of agreement

    Guest Leader: Bishop Michael Pitts

    Agreement is not the same thing as leading by consensus. I think some times that leading by consensus is the lowest form of leadership. And some times it is the alleviating of the responsibility of the leader just letting everyone else make the decisions. You need a decisive leader. Let me talk some more on this thing called agreement.

  • Visionary Leadership

    Guest Leader: Chris Sonksen

    Vision always leaks and it always drifting. If I would poke a hole in the bottom of my water bottle it will slowly start leaking. You probably wouldn’t even notice it leaking. The same with vision, vision is always leaking and always drifting. So as a visionary leader for your church, organization, company or whatever it is that you are running, you have a vision. Here are 2 things that will help you today.

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