This is greater than the great place

What do we mean by greater? Greater is a superlative, that means you can be in a great place but the question is what is going to be greater for…

  • Are female ministers unfit to have a voice in the church?

    Guest Leader: Lisa Bevere

    For years as a female minister I would hear things from church leaders that would say that women are unfit, easily deceived, gullible, therefore they should not have a voice in the church. They should not have any kind of leadership or authority or teaching capacity in the church. And I have to be honest with you, I had to look back at my own life and I’ve seen areas where I’ve been unfit, or I’ve been gullible. But here is the truth, Jesus is the one who makes me fit.

  • Marry the mission, date the method

    Guest Leader: Paul Morton

    Always remember that the future belongs to those that are open to positive changes. Whatever you do, don’t get stuck. Don’t get stuck in tradition that destroys because tradition can become nothing more than frozen success. I believe it is very important that as leaders we know our mission, preaching the gospel to let everyone know that Jesus saves. But the methods might change. I always say, marry the mission, date the method.

  • The Balance Blend

    Guest Leader: Paul de Jong

    It is an amazing thing in life that we kind of see everything as one or the other. But God uses two opposing extremes to create one truth. Think about it for a moment. You have a positive and a negative to a battery to make it work. We need the sun and we need the rain, we need winter and we need summer. Everything about God and the way that He works for us to create leadership momentum means that we need to actually incorporate two extremes.

  • The Comparison Thief

    Guest Leader: Joe Camenetti

    The comparison thief wants to steal our passion. He wants to steal the passion that will enable us to lead at the level God created us to lead at. It doesn’t matter if you had a great event, for instance Easter Weekend and your numbers were up, salvations were up, everything was up. But it is amazing that on Monday the comparison thief will come and make you feel like you have not done well because someone else did a little better. This is what we can do to protect ourselves.

  • Courageous Leadership

    Guest Leader: Clifford Johnson

    For the past 25 years visionaries spiritual leadership, Gods patterns and principles for joining. That joining means, pastor or leader, you need to join every person who is under you in ministry because vision comes from God to you, to your leaders, and there needs to be supernatural joining. And that takes courage. Let me talk to you more about courage.

  • The iFactor

    Guest Leader: Van Moody

    I want to talk about a subject that is rarely mentioned in leadership sessions, conferences, leadership circles that many many people frequent. It is what I call “The iFactor”. Many people in the world have all the trappings of success. They are decked out with everything the world finds impressive. You see that with leaders all over the world. But why do so many of them crash and burn? Let me tell you more about “The iFactor”.

  • How to deal with people in conflict

    Guest Leader: Roger Mileham

    If you have been in an organization long enough or you have been a pastor in ministry, there is always those times you have conflict with other people. Today I want to talk to you about how to resolve those conflicts or at least make them a little easier. The first thing is simply this, it is called the 101% principle. That is the principle where you sit down with someone and you find that 1% that you both agree on and you give it 100% of your energy. Let me share  more principles with you.

  • The Seeds Within You

    Guest Leader: Andre Roebert

    God has given us seeds of choice. Inside of us our make up is to dominate, to have authority, to have victory. To be able to be successful in every area of our lives. Inside of you is a seed, seeds of thought, seeds of word, seeds of attitude and seeds of action. Four distinct seeds. Today as you use your seed, think about everything. Are you thinking negatively or positively? Are you speaking negatively or positively? When you align yourself under the authority of God and His dominion you will walk successfully!

  • The Incredible Difference Small Things Can Make

    Guest Leader: James MacPherson

    Robert Crandall the CEO of American Airlines once boasted that they saved $40.000 a year by removing a black olive from first class passengers meals. Small things can make a big difference. If you don’t believe me you obviously were never trapped in your bedroom with a mosquito. Benjamin Franklin summed up the incredible difference a small thing can make. He said “For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of the rider the battle was lost.” The battle was a big thing and it was lost for such a small thing, a nail.

  • One Unconventional Way to Stay Productive

    Guest Leader: Ryan Frank

    I battle distraction and opportunity overwhelm on a daily basis. Yet I understand that one of the greatest assets I bring to any organization I serve is my ability to stay focused and productive. So that battle of focus is a battle/war we will forever wage and will never end. So I want to talk to you about an unconventional way to stay productive.

    Download the tool I use to stay productive here


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