Inheritance vs Legacy

People get those things confused. So I want to clarify it for you today. Inheritance is what you leave behind. Legacy is who you leave behind. Inheritance you can buy.…

  • The iFactor

    Guest Leader: Van Moody

    I want to talk about a subject that is rarely mentioned in leadership sessions, conferences, leadership circles that many many people frequent. It is what I call “The iFactor”. Many people in the world have all the trappings of success. They are decked out with everything the world finds impressive. You see that with leaders all over the world. But why do so many of them crash and burn? Let me tell you more about “The iFactor”.

  • How to deal with people in conflict

    Guest Leader: Roger Mileham

    If you have been in an organization long enough or you have been a pastor in ministry, there is always those times you have conflict with other people. Today I want to talk to you about how to resolve those conflicts or at least make them a little easier. The first thing is simply this, it is called the 101% principle. That is the principle where you sit down with someone and you find that 1% that you both agree on and you give it 100% of your energy. Let me share  more principles with you.

  • The Seeds Within You

    Guest Leader: Andre Roebert

    God has given us seeds of choice. Inside of us our make up is to dominate, to have authority, to have victory. To be able to be successful in every area of our lives. Inside of you is a seed, seeds of thought, seeds of word, seeds of attitude and seeds of action. Four distinct seeds. Today as you use your seed, think about everything. Are you thinking negatively or positively? Are you speaking negatively or positively? When you align yourself under the authority of God and His dominion you will walk successfully!

  • The Incredible Difference Small Things Can Make

    Guest Leader: James MacPherson

    Robert Crandall the CEO of American Airlines once boasted that they saved $40.000 a year by removing a black olive from first class passengers meals. Small things can make a big difference. If you don’t believe me you obviously were never trapped in your bedroom with a mosquito. Benjamin Franklin summed up the incredible difference a small thing can make. He said “For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of the rider the battle was lost.” The battle was a big thing and it was lost for such a small thing, a nail.

  • One Unconventional Way to Stay Productive

    Guest Leader: Ryan Frank

    I battle distraction and opportunity overwhelm on a daily basis. Yet I understand that one of the greatest assets I bring to any organization I serve is my ability to stay focused and productive. So that battle of focus is a battle/war we will forever wage and will never end. So I want to talk to you about an unconventional way to stay productive.

    Download the tool I use to stay productive here


  • The Pace of Ministry & the Power of Rest

    Guest Leader: Troy Maxwell

    About eight years ago I found myself not being able to preach on the weekend, it was really challenging for me. I would wake up in the morning and would have issues with my stomach. Than all of a sudden everything just shifted and I would have a panic attack. I found out really quickly, that the pace which I was doing my leadership and my ministry was exceeding my ability because I didn’t understand the power of rest.

  • The difference between ministry and leadership

    Guest Leader: Michael Murphy

    Ministry is anything you do that helps people. Leadership is anything you do that helps people help people. Ministry builds people, but you’ll soon realise that it takes leadership to actually build churches or any sort of organization. Jesus himself, the finest leader that ever walk this planet, allocated 50% of His time to actually building leaders. Here are 5 questions that will help you build and develop your leaders.

  • Do you have what it takes to lead change?

    Guest Leader: Tony Morgan

    In recent months we have been working with a church, they were stuck. One of the reasons they were stuck was for the last number of decades they’ve had a combination of different styles of worship on Sunday morning including a very traditional worship service. Through our strategic planning process with the church they determined that they needed to make a significant change. That church, specifically the lead pastor needed to do these 4 things…

  • Transferring Leadership

    Guest Leader: Doug Beacham

    I have been reading quite a bit out of the end of 1st Chronicles particularly chapters 28 and 29. There is a lot of rich material about transferring leadership. The historical occasion in David transferring to Solomon. And as you read through those passages the importance of pertained things, at least 5 or 6, come to mind to me. Let me tell you more about those things.

  • The power of a seed

    Guest Leader: David Westbrook

    About 2 years ago my son went to the tip of Australia, and there met some indigenous leaders. When they discovered his surname they said come with me. They took him outside and they stood under this magnificent mango tree. They said that 30 years ago your grandfather planted this tree, today we sit under the shade of this tree and enjoy the fruit it gives. This greatly moved my son. It is said that you can count how many seeds are in an apple but you can’t count how many apples are in a seed.

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