Something we all have: Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses. So the question becomes, how do I handle the things I’m strong at, and how do I handle things I’m weak at? Now, some people say,…

  • The Sabbath Principle

    Guest Leader: Scott Jones

    The Sabbath Principle, this is something that we have taken as a suggestion from God. We have taken it and made it something novel to live by. But it has been interesting in my time as a leader and leading leaders, to discover how many pastors and leaders actually neglect the principle of the Sabbath. We need to remember that the Sabbath is actually a command from God, He said you have to remember the Sabbath and do no work.

  • The Cost of Coaching

    Guest Leader: Nicole Crank

    The cost of coaching is being willing to deal with conflict. Never in my life have I had a leader or pastor call me or text me “Hey, guess what, I’m going to correct someone today. Tell them they were wrong and I get to deal with this sticky situation.” No, those are the days we don’t look forward to… However, we might be looking at those days a little bit wrong. This is what God shared with me about this.

  • Increasing Your Capacity

    Guest Leader: Brett Jones

    Everyone of us come with a God-given capacity, some people are better at one thing than another, for some people it is easy and natural to do something that other people can’t do. All of us have areas that we need to increase our capacity. If you don’t  you are set with whatever presets you have come with. Don’t stick to what your presets are but increase your capacity to become a high-level leader.

  • How to walk in forgiveness

    Guest Leader: Sandy Scheer

    As leaders, it is imperative that we show our people how to walk in forgiveness. A couple of years ago we as a family went through a situation with another family in the church. They were in leadership and good friends of ours. We had taken family vacations with them, we had helped raise their kids and they helped us raise ours. And one day they ended up leaving the church. This is how I handled it.

  • Basic Scheer Leadership

    Guest Leader: Bill Scheer

    It boils down to 3 components. #1 If you are the leader you have got to get out front. So whatever you have to do you have to get out front of the situation, of the personnel, of the circumstances, you have got to get out front of it whatever it is. You have got to find Gods promise and get out in front of the issue. Watch the video for the other 2 components of Basic Scheer Leadership.

  • The Ultimate Reluctant Leader

    Guest Leader: Beau Adams

    I consider myself to be the ultimate reluctant leader. Reluctant leader? Yes, I am always, time and time again, when God calls me to do something, I question God. I say, “who me, are You serious? Are You sure You have got the right person for the job?” Maybe you are like that too, maybe you too are a reluctant leader. Maybe you continue to throw up excuses to question God in what He has called you to do. Maybe you procrastinate. Maybe you put things off, just like me. Here is my challenge to you.

  • Gideon: Mighty Man of Valor

    Guest Leader: Sheryl Brady

    When God called Gideon he was hiding in the winepress threshing wheat, wrestling with fear, looking at his circumstances and feeling quite like a coward. In that most unlikely moment, in that most unlikely place, God walks in and calls him a mighty man of valor. To Gideon that sounded like sarcasm maybe more than anything else, because Gideon was hiding at that very moment. Watch the video to see why God said that.

  • Building Programs

    Guest Leader: Mike Robertson

    I have been in building programs all my ministerial life and always realize that one thing happens when you start building. A lot of people get up and leave because they don’t want to be part of the process. One thing those people underestimate is what you learn in a building program. There is a difference with people that stayed and sacrificed and those that have left. Those that stayed all have testimonies of things that happened because of the sacrifice they made. Those that left don’t have a testimony simply because they left a growing environment.

  • How Vision Works

    Guest Leader: Bil Cornelius

    If you were to add on to or build a building, the first thing you would do is to hire an architect and have him draw up plans. In the same way, when it comes to the vision for your ministry, you start with plans. Don’t say it is all in my head, write it down on paper like it says in Habakkuk. The next step is to count the cost, let me go into more detail about that.

  • Failure, Success and Hope

    Guest Leader: Benson Karanja

    Failure, Success, and Hope. These are the things we all have to face one time in leadership. Dr. Chand wrote a book  “Failure, the Womb of Success” and how true that is. I found that in my life no matter how prepared you are or how much you have prayed, you will fail sometimes. Often many of us leaders get depressed and stressed and take it out on other people. It is all part of your training. Let me share some more.

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