Taking Responsibility For Others

There is something about leaders where they see a situation, diagnose it, and take responsibility for fixing it. It is really not their responsibility. I see that in everyday life.…

  • Taking Responsibility For Others

    There is something about leaders where they see a situation, diagnose it, and take responsibility for fixing it. It is really not their responsibility. I see that in everyday life. Leaders take on somebody else’s responsibility. Today, I want you to go through life asking yourself if it is your responsibility to fix a situation. Don’t you have enough on your plate today that is your responsibility? Stay focused on what you are responsible for.

  • What’s Stopping You?

    What is blocking your goal? You see where you want to go. You have been dreaming about where you want to go, but some situation is blocking you from moving forward. The second questions becomes: “What can I do to move the block or go around the block?” If you do not identify what is blocking the path to your goal, you will not be able to create a plan to overcome it. Find what is preventing you from moving forward and make a plan.

  • Your “911”

    In the United States of America, we have the number “911” people call in case of emergencies. In other countries I have traveled to, countries have similar numbers people call for help. I want to ask you a question: who is your emergency contact? If you do not have a “911” in your life, you are driving without guard rails. If you are to get into trouble, who would you call? Once you know who you would call, you will feel relieved. You should also be mindful that you are someone’s emergency contact. When you bring the two together, you will see the importance of having somebody in your life who you can call.

  • What is Unique About You?

    I am in London, England at the world famous Stonehenge. This landmark has green grass and rocks piled on top of other rocks. I have a question for you. Why do people from all over the world come to Stonehenge to see rocks piled on top of rocks? You can go outside and see rocks around your own home. People visit Stonehenge due to its unique features. What makes you unique? How are you different compared to other people?

  • John Wesley as a Change Agent

    I am standing in an amazing place right now. This is the John Wesley Church. John Wesley preached and spread his influence to those who visited the church. John Wesley took his inspirational teachings and proclaimed them where I am standing. It is amazing for me to be here as I have learned about him all my life. Join me in learning how Wesley has changed the world and how you can contribute to change as well.

  • The Influence of Studying

    Today, we are exploring John Wesley’s study. Behind me, we find his personal belongings: his chair, glasses, and desk. What I am most amazed by are the volumes that were written and Methodisms founded. Here, we see how Christianity was influenced by someone who dedicated their life to studying. Studying calls for discipline and training. It is something that is put into practice. What are you studying today? How will you implement that in your daily life?

  • Personal Disciplines

    In this Tuesday with Sam Chand Special, we continue our journey in the home of John Wesley. I am in John Wesley’s private prayer room where we see his personal Bible, table, and chair. He would spend time in prayer before attending his 5:00 AM chapel service. John Wesley, who changed the world, was not just a praying man, but also had personal disciplines in his life. Personal disciplines would either make you or break you. What personal disciplines have challenged you?

  • The Home of John Wesley

    Somewhere on down the line you will have to deal with Judas. Jesus talked about it in John 6:64-71, It must have been a very painful thing for Jesus to have to talk about. One of the things that I have learned is that as a young leader I got Judas and Peter confused, they both denied Jesus. Here is what I have learned their differences were.

  • First Attempt in Learning

    Agreement is not the same thing as leading by consensus. I think some times that leading by consensus is the lowest form of leadership. And some times it is the alleviating of the responsibility of the leader just letting everyone else make the decisions. You need a decisive leader. Let me talk some more on this thing called agreement.

  • Do The Right Thing

    I took a trip a couple of weeks ago to Cincinnati, Ohio with my family. The first thing we do before we begin the road trip is fill up the tank of our vehicle. It would be foolish of us to complete an eight hour drive on one tank of gas. Every so often, we must stop and refuel. If we don’t refuel, we will be running on “empty.” It is foolish of us as leaders to operate on empty. Here is a few reasons as to why it is important to pause and refuel.

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