Nobody is Given a Perfect Life

I want you to know something: everyone you are going to  meet today have had pain in their past. We tend to believe that others have a better life. Why?…

  • The Significance of Volunteers

    Guest Leader: Sean Stanton

    Without volunteers, nothing gets accomplished in Church. We have taken a simple thing out of the words of Jesus, Matthew 25:21, where he says to those who have served well, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” How have we created a serve team culture based on the aspects of His words? Let’s take a look and see how it applies to the importance of volunteerism in our present day.

  • How to Create a Personal Growth TRAC

    Guest Leader: Stephen Blandino

    All of us have dreams of where we want to be. Between us and our dreams is a “gap”. What I have discovered is that the only way to close that “gap” is to grow from who I am today into the person that I need to become. Without taking such action, it will only stand for what it is: a dream. Let me tell you how to create a growth TRAC to be where you need to be in life.

  • Attaining Healthy Leadership

    Guest Leader: David Nico

    How would you like to grow your organization and see increase over the next year? To achieve organizational success, we must consider healthy leadership and the role of healthy leaders. According to 3 John 2, the Lord wants us to prosper and be in health, even to the same degree as our soul prospers. How can we get there? Let us go over how we can experience that abundant vitality.

  • The Role of the Church

    Guest Leader: John Jenkins

    Some years ago we had a minister come into the church to talk about the role of the church. And he taught us that the role of ministry is not just the minister’s role but it is everyone’s role, every member’s role, and responsibility. And he modeled and drilled that point home for us by going to a chalkboard and here is what he showed us.

  • The Danger of Focus and Consistency

    Guest Leader: Dave Anderson

    Focus and consistency are only helpful if we are focused on and consistent in the right things. As individual aspects, they may not help us move forward. If you look up the word “focus”, it talks about our ability to concentrate. This allows for progression if we concentrate on the most essential activities that get us to our goals. As for the word “consistent”, it states how we adhere to the same principles. In many cases, not all principles are created equally. Let me explain how we can have a balance of both traits while accomplishing our goals.

  • Developing Divine Connections

    Guest Leader: David Ireland

    Have you ever thought, “how do I make divine connections?” That is one of the most significant things leaders need to understand and thrive at. My mind goes back to David in the Bible. He had a confidant, coach, and a confronter and each one greatly impacted his life. Just like David, it is important to have these individuals in your life. These people contribute to your growth as a leader. Here is how they affect different aspects of your life and personality.

  • “Burned-Out” and its True Meaning

    Guest Leader: Ryan Frank

    If you lead a workforce of volunteers, I know you have heard this before: “I am feeling burned-out”. When someone comes up to you and tells you that, they are communicating a need in their life that is not being met. The person may not realize it. They may believe that the problem persists elsewhere. If you can go below the surface, you will find that there is a need in that person’s life that is not being met and it will be up to you to guide them.

  • Organizations Reflect its Leader

    Guest Leader: Nicholas John

    An organization will be based on the traits a leader holds. Whether you are leading a corporate or a church organization, the organization will be reflective of you. Based on my experience, organizations tend to adopt more of a leader’s bad traits. Today I will discuss with you how your organization can adopt more of your good traits to help pave the way to success.

  • Dealing with Leadership Stress

    Guest Leader: Robert Kasaro

    Most of us leaders go through a lot of stress, but find it difficult in how to deal with it. Some stress gets to a leader because of improper positioning of players in your team. I have discovered a few ways to handle stress and I want to share them with you to further guide you to your success.

  • Learning to love God's Plan B for your life.

    Guest Leader: Jon Oletzke

    Every leader will encounter an interruption at some point in life. It may come through conflict, loss, physical illness, it maybe financial reversal, marital discord, or even eventually raging out of your role. The good news, just as God has designed the physical body so that the blood vessel rerouted around an injury or an interruption. He will also reroute His plans and purposes around the interruptions in your life.

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