Reinforcing Leadership Messages

As a leader, you have to know three to five leadership messages you want to reinforce constantly. So much occurs in your organization. With all this activity, we tend to forget to “keep…

  • Living Well Through the Seasons of Life

    Guest Leader: Edmund Chan

    We are concerned as leaders of how we lead, but God is concerned with how we live. In Psalms 90:12 it says; Teach us to number our days, that we might present to you a heart of wisdom. Now this is not just a numerical quantitative numbering of days. It is a moral compass, it is a moral discernment of how short our life is, and how we have to live wisely in the presence of God. Let me expound on this.

  • My Story as Told by Joel Osteen

    Guest Leader: Joel Osteen

    Joel Osteen tells my story (found in my book Leadership Pain) of food from dumpsters and racism in the 1970’s to God’s guiding hand on my life. Are you in a challenging place in your life? It’ll encourage you to keep serving faithfully because He’s a faithful God.

  • Managing the Dissonance of Leadership

    Guest Leader: Clarence McClendon

    I love to study Moses as a leader. One of the first things that was impacted on me, is the story of when Moses went up to the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. He is up there in that glorious atmosphere 40 days and 40 nights with God. Then when he comes out of that atmosphere with the Ten Commandments, he sees what the people are doing, and the dissonance of where he’s been and what is happening in the people was so much. Let me give you some wisdom on how to deal with this.

  • The Pace of Leadership

    Guest Leader: Billy Johnson

    We have heard the quote “run your race and stay in your lane,” but many of us have never heard about the pace of our leadership. If we glean some insight from Genesis 33, we can identify how the story of Jacob and Esau represents pace. Let us review this story together and see how Genesis 33 expresses this concept.

  • Types of Disappointment

    Guest Leader: André Olivier

    Being disappointed is inevitable, especially in ministry. However, living in disappointment is a choice. Dr. Michael Vincent Miller, a psychologist who has been practicing for over 50 years, said that those who believed they were depressed were actually disappointed. Let me share with you the difference of living and being in this state and how it can affect you immensely.

  • Seven Keys to Live a Generous Life

    Guest Leader: Brian Kluth

    There is great joy to learning how to be a generous Christian.  My wife and I are involved in ministry in Africa to make a difference in the lives of others. One of the phrases we live by when assisting those is, “we are living more simply, so more children and people can simply live.” I would like to share with you seven keys of living a generous life to help impact those around you.

  • The Timing and Decisions of God

    Guest Leader: Mike Robertson

    Eight years ago, we met with architects and a builder to develop a new auditorium. Today, we have yet to get into that building. In the beginning, the smart people told me to not do it due to my lack of funds. They were right; however, I could not be any happier knowing that God will complete it in time. Let it be known that God will complete the work He has started with His choice of timing.

  • Life's Supply and Demand

    Guest Leader: Touré Roberts

    As a leader of any organization or a family, you will likely have more demand on your life than you supply. With that, you must manage what you output and what you input. You must manage your withdrawals and deposits. It is just like your bank account. If you were to withdraw from your account without providing deposits, you would go bankrupt. Now relate that with your time and energy. What type of deposits will help you from your own type of bankruptcy?

  • Embracing the SHIFT

    Guest Leader: Shaun Marshall

    Change is what happens to you, but transition is how you respond. Many of us get stuck simply because we do not have the wisdom to make the right decisions in moments of change. Here are five key principles, using the acronym “SHIFT”, to help you know how to move forward when change happens.

  • The Significance of Volunteers

    Guest Leader: Sean Stanton

    Without volunteers, nothing gets accomplished in Church. We have taken a simple thing out of the words of Jesus, Matthew 25:21, where he says to those who have served well, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” How have we created a serve team culture based on the aspects of His words? Let’s take a look and see how it applies to the importance of volunteerism in our present day.

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