Intentional Encouragement

As leaders, we encourage people. We express how thankful we are for people, appreciation for their efforts, and so forth. This happens because it happens. Instead, I want to talk…

  • Intentional Encouragement

    As leaders, we encourage people. We express how thankful we are for people, appreciation for their efforts, and so forth. This happens because it happens. Instead, I want to talk to you about “intentional encouragement.” Intentional encouragement is telling yourself to create a muscle in your mind to meaningfully encourage yourself and others. Here is how this applies to the real life.

  • Restoring Value

    I want to talk to you about restoring value to individuals who may have lost value somewhere along the way. All of us mess up from time to time. Sometimes we make poor decisions or poor judgement. The question becomes: How do you restore respect, dignity, and self-worth? Restoration is a gift you give to someone, and here is why.

  • The Year It All Began…

    I am standing in front of the church where I started as a youth pastor in 1979. I am in Gresham, Oregon, located northwest of the United States. This is where I started. The church invited my wife and I to the community and provided us with a place to live and food to eat. Being provided with the resources we need was where I started in my journey. I want to remind you that wherever you are, your beginnings start where and when you want it to start.

  • Diffusing Internal Conflict

    I have been doing what I do for many years. I can walk into a meeting and sense internal conflict. Many people attempt to camouflage the conflict, but fail to do so because everyone is aware of what is occurring. What confuses me is how a leader can ignore it. Your inability to address internal conflict will only spread the conflict and derail you. Confront internal conflict so you can be healthy inside and face the challenges outside.

  • Learning From Failure

    How do you learn from failure? Failure can become a feeling  that affects our daily lives. It brings out these feelings that may bring out the worst in us. I want to encourage you to keep moving forward and learn from these experiences. I want you to reflect on a failure in your life and evaluate yourself with the goal of being your best self.  By reflecting on such, you will never waste a failure.

  • Taking Responsibility For Others

    There is something about leaders where they see a situation, diagnose it, and take responsibility for fixing it. It is really not their responsibility. I see that in everyday life. Leaders take on somebody else’s responsibility. Today, I want you to go through life asking yourself if it is your responsibility to fix a situation. Don’t you have enough on your plate today that is your responsibility? Stay focused on what you are responsible for.

  • What’s Stopping You?

    What is blocking your goal? You see where you want to go. You have been dreaming about where you want to go, but some situation is blocking you from moving forward. The second questions becomes: “What can I do to move the block or go around the block?” If you do not identify what is blocking the path to your goal, you will not be able to create a plan to overcome it. Find what is preventing you from moving forward and make a plan.

  • Your “911”

    In the United States of America, we have the number “911” people call in case of emergencies. In other countries I have traveled to, countries have similar numbers people call for help. I want to ask you a question: who is your emergency contact? If you do not have a “911” in your life, you are driving without guard rails. If you are to get into trouble, who would you call? Once you know who you would call, you will feel relieved. You should also be mindful that you are someone’s emergency contact. When you bring the two together, you will see the importance of having somebody in your life who you can call.

  • What is Unique About You?

    I am in London, England at the world famous Stonehenge. This landmark has green grass and rocks piled on top of other rocks. I have a question for you. Why do people from all over the world come to Stonehenge to see rocks piled on top of rocks? You can go outside and see rocks around your own home. People visit Stonehenge due to its unique features. What makes you unique? How are you different compared to other people?

  • John Wesley as a Change Agent

    I am standing in an amazing place right now. This is the John Wesley Church. John Wesley preached and spread his influence to those who visited the church. John Wesley took his inspirational teachings and proclaimed them where I am standing. It is amazing for me to be here as I have learned about him all my life. Join me in learning how Wesley has changed the world and how you can contribute to change as well.

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