Connecting on the Human Level

In our society, the highest level of communication among human beings is between husband and wife. When you see them and you do not really know them, you do not…

  • The Big 3 of Leadership

    Guest Leader: James Merritt

    Everybody has qualities that they try to exhibit in their leadership and what I’ll give you is nothing new. But I do believe that these three in the ministry that I’ve had over the last 4 decades have been the biggest three that have made the biggest impact in my life as a leader. I’m not going to give them to you in any certain order but I try to constantly practice them on a daily basis. Here are my big 3 on leadership…

  • Currency of Leadership: Integrity

    Guest Leader: Clive Gopaul

    I want to talk to you about a huge currency of leadership that is called integrity. Another word for integrity is honesty. As leaders, we need to understand that we must create a credit account of integrity so we can have good will in our lives. One of the issues leaders face is the doubt they may bring to others. It is up to us to live a life a truth and build that trust with the people we associate with. Here is why.

  • The Type of Leader You Are

    Guest Leader: Geoffrey V. Dudley

    What I have found with respect to leadership is this: most leaders do not know what type of leader they are. Most leaders look at successful models of organizations and say “that’s what I want” as opposed to asking themselves what type of leader they are. You must figure out what type of leader you are, and this is how.

  • 5 Ways to Destroy Corporate Culture

    Guest Leader: Jeff Smith

    I want to take the next few moments to talk about five ways to destroy corporate culture. Our good friend, Sam Chand, defines culture as the way we do things around different environments. Whether working with organizations that are secular, spiritual, marketplace, or ministry, here are five things to be aware of.

  • Being Consistent as a Leader

    Guest Leader: Dean Ivey

    As leaders, one of the things we most often underestimate is the simple power of being consistent. Whether we are trying to lead ourselves or others, I think consistency is always the key from getting where we are to where we believe and know that we need to be going. Here is how consistency is applicable through teachings, in our lives, and how we can progress with consistency.

  • A Skill That Changed My Life!

    Guest Leader: Kathleen Cooke

    A few years ago a client of ours did a massive research study of a 100.000 people or more. They wanted to discover what is it that actually changes people’s behavior. Was it going to church? Reading their Bible? Praying? What exactly were those things that could actually change a persons behavior. I know you are interested in that. Here is how.

  • Transferring Leadership

    Guest Leader: Doug Beacham

    I have been reading quite a bit out of the end of 1st Chronicles particularly chapters 28 and 29. There is a lot of rich material about transferring leadership. The historical occasion in David transferring to Solomon. And as you read through those passages the importance of pertained things, at least 5 or 6, come to mind to me. Let me tell you more about those things.

  • A Committed Leader

    Guest Leader: Dewayne Freeman

    I would like to share with you some leadership principles that changed my thinking and has caused me to be a “committed leader.” Principles will work for anybody, anywhere, at any time. What it does for one, it will do to another. I have established some principles to help a leader become a committed leader that I will share with you all today.

  • The Leader That Sees

    Guest Leader: David Donkor

    In Genesis, Chapter 25, Abraham and his wife had several of his children. However, Isaac was the son of promise. In this scripture, something very interesting is seen, and I believe it is something all leaders should refer to. Let’s look into how this scripture is essential to present-day and future leaders.

  • Starting Small and Finishing Strong

    Guest Leader: Daniel Floyd

    I found that life is not really about the major milestones. Rather, it is about consistent movement. It is not about the big moments in life, it is about the little moments that lead you to those big moments. The problem is this: we celebrate the goodness of the big moments. Let’s go into depth about the important relationship between small and large moments in your life.

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