The Most Difficult Mental Discipline

F. O. C. U. S. Focus is easy to get but hard to keep. Because as a leader you deal with distractions all day long. As a leader, phone calls,…

  • Visionary Leadership

    Guest Leader: Chris Sonksen

    Vision always leaks and it always drifting. If I would poke a hole in the bottom of my water bottle it will slowly start leaking. You probably wouldn’t even notice it leaking. The same with vision, vision is always leaking and always drifting. So as a visionary leader for your church, organization, company or whatever it is that you are running, you have a vision. Here are 2 things that will help you today.

  • The 4th Commandment

    Guest Leader: Doug Beacham

    I found myself, last year, beginning to realize that for most of my ministry I have violated, quite open, quite intentionally, unfortunately, the 4th commandment over and over. It was the 4th Commandment, it was remembering the Sabbath day and keep it Holy. It is about realizing that this day is a day, what ever day it may happen to be for us, it is a day given for reflection and day to realize that I can trust God to provide.

  • Life moves at the speed of relationship

    Guest Leader: Scott Jones

    I have learned in life that when God prepares to promote you, when God prepares to transition you, He will often take a key person out of your life or He will bring a key person into your life. People are doors. People are bridges. People are walls. It is for us to recognize what that persons role is in our life. Let me tell about three things I believe every leader must have.

  • Casting Vision, Mission & Purpose

    Guest Leader: Michael Lukaszewski

    Most churches, most non-profits even most organizations have a purpose. It is this one sentence summary that describes who you are and what you do, the big picture purpose. For most churches it is something like the Great Commission/Commandment. It is almost like a generic type of statement. Let me show you a different way to create a mission statement that is anchored in the Bible encompasses your unique culture.

  • Adversity does not come to destroy you

    Guest Leader: Clive Gopaul

    No leader can emerge into his true potential and his purpose until he goes through a process. Adversity always comes against one who is rearing up his life to take such an awesome responsibility. I found out that adversity was not given to destroy us. Adversity is given to strengthen us so that our promotion in life can manifest.

  • Leadership Development

    Guest Leader: Johnathan Alvarado

    Let me tell you these three things I have come to discover over 25 years of a pastoral ministry here in Atlanta, GA. I have come to discover that leadership requires creativity. In order for you and I to lead into the 21st century, lead organizations that are advancing in their mission and their purpose. Whether that be in business or in government or whether that be in church, it requires creativity. Now creativity requires courage. Let me tell you more about that.

  • Helping others discover their potential

    Guest Leader: Daniel Floyd

    One of our greatest responsibilities as leaders is to help those that we lead discover their potential. it is our job to call out of them the thing that God has deposited on the inside of them. Here are three principles that I found in the life of Joshua as he was leading the people to take the city of Jericho.

  • Creating a Legacy

    Guest Leader: John Joseph

    Every leader has a dream to make a mark in his life. But is there something beyond just making a mark attached to your name? The next level you can move into is to not just leave a mark but to create a legacy, to pass on who you are, what you have lived for, the reason and purpose of your life into the next generation. Many people wonder how to do I leave a legacy? Here is how I see it.

  • A Heart of Gratitude

    Guest Leader: Donavan Cassell

    A heart of gratitude is one of the greatest characteristics we can display. Each one of us are faced with different challenges, in leadership, relationships, even in the workplace. These challenges demand so much from us, to the point that we can lose our appreciation. Challenges are inevitable, but how we choose to approach them determines who we are becoming.

  • Seizing God Opportunities

    Guest Leader: David Ireland

    My mind goes back to David in the Bible. This guy was able to sit on the throne of Israel but it all started not just from a prophecy given to him by Samuel the great prophet, but it started because David was able to kill Goliath. So when I think about seizing God opportunities I think about it this way. A God opportunity is an opportunity that fits you naturally. Let me expound on that.

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