You don’t always have to give feedback

Every leader, listening, watching, reading, has this feeling “I need to give feedback on that” because that is what leaders do. Leaders see something and they put it in their way of thinking, and they feel like they have to give feedback. You don’t always have to do that. I want to free you up. You can have your opinion but you don’t have to share your opinion all the time. Relax. Enjoy.

Things to ask when hiring

When someone is coming for an interview, to be on staff or to volunteer on the leadership team, they are going to sell themselves. They are going to tell you all the great things they can do, their experiences, which is great because that is what we want and that is what we are hiring for. Often times they do so well in selling themselves but sometimes you want to see where their heart is. Let me tell you the two questions I would ask them.

Lisa Kai

Senior Pastor of Inspire Church in O‘ahu, Hawaii



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