Working for Yourself

You may find yourself working under a higher power. By the end of the day, it does not matter what company you are working for or what organization you are a part of. You are working for yourself. This mentality will allow you to be cognizant and help you adapt traits that will benefit you. Stop thinking about working for others. Start thinking about yourself to see your life change before your eyes.

“Burned-Out” and its True Meaning

If you lead a workforce of volunteers, I know you have heard this before: “I am feeling burned-out”. When someone comes up to you and tells you that, they are communicating a need in their life that is not being met. The person may not realize it. They may believe that the problem persists elsewhere. If you can go below the surface, you will find that there is a need in that person’s life that is not being met and it will be up to you to guide them.

Ryan Frank

CEO of KidzMatter



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