When you share you never lose!

I never started off by saying “I’m going to be a connector”, but I’ve become known for connecting friends. People say “You know more people than anybody else knows”. The question is if my friends are a gift to me if I keep the gift to myself I’m a hoarder. If I share it with others I multiply. The Bible tells us that whatever you sow you shall also reap. So if I sow connections I will reap connections.

Dismantling before Breakthrough

A few years ago I bought a trampoline for my daughters and in the assembly of it I put it together wrong. Not once, not twice but three times I had to dismantle it before it looked right before it functioned as it should. So often in life we hit ceilings and we hit walls because we have constructed something wrong and we just try to move ahead. But I found that breakthrough actually happens when you are prepared to dismantle something when you are prepared to break it down.

Sam Monk

Senior Pastor of Equippers Church, International www.equipperschurch.com



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