What are you going to do today?

Everyone wants to have a strategic plan for their future. Everyone wants to know where am I going? How do I get there? I’m going to tell you how you are going to get there. You are going to get wherever your future wants to go because of what you are going to do today. Today defines your future!

Failure, Success and Hope

Failure, Success, and Hope. These are the things we all have to face one time in leadership. Dr. Chand wrote a book  “Failure, the Womb of Success” and how true that is. I found that in my life no matter how prepared you are or how much you have prayed, you will fail sometimes. Often many of us leaders get depressed and stressed and take it out on other people. It is all part of your training. Let me share some more.

Benson Karanja

President of Beulah Heights University www.beulah.edu



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