The Simplicity of Enjoying Life

It is not that difficult to enjoy life. You have the choice to either carry on about what you do not have, or celebrate what you do have. Many of us do not have everything we desire, but all of us have things we cherish. Let me discuss with you what happens when you acknowledge and appreciate what you have in your life.

Developing Divine Connections

Have you ever thought, “how do I make divine connections?” That is one of the most significant things leaders need to understand and thrive at. My mind goes back to David in the Bible. He had a confidant, coach, and a confronter and each one greatly impacted his life. Just like David, it is important to have these individuals in your life. These people contribute to your growth as a leader. Here is how they affect different aspects of your life and personality.

David Ireland

Founder and Lead Pastor of Christ Church in New Jersey



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