The right way to gain influence

Somebody smarter than me has defined leadership as influence. So the greater influence you have the greater leadership you have. Now your influence is not determined by the size of your church, your company, your budget, your staff or facilities. I know people with smaller organizations that have great influence and people with large organizations that have little influence. So how do you gain that influence?

I didn't make the list

One morning while drinking my coffee I noticed a common thread on my twitter feed. A lot of my friends, people that I love, people that I do life with, they were all thanking this one individual for putting them on a particular list. I couldn’t wait and I looked at the list because I was desperately hoping to be on this list. When I began to look at this list and when you have the last name that starts with a “B” I quickly realized that I wasn’t on the list. Watch this video to find out what I did next.

Lisa Bevere

International speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of Messenger International



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