The Quiet Ones

You have people around you that are quiet. People who don’t say a lot, who don’t make a lot of waves, who don’t make a splash. they don’t enter a room and say “Hey, here I am!” They bring their notepads, they quietly slip in and take notes and have great attitudes. Those are the quiet ones. Today, I want you to take note of the quiet ones around you. Just because they are quiet doesn’t mean they don’t have the goods.

Permission to Grieve

As leaders we are innovative, resilient, we are driven and focused, we don’t allow anything to stop us. We are progressive. I remember a season where my husband and I we were just so busy that we didn’t take the time to process through the disappointments. We were so busy moving the Kingdom forward that we forgot to look down and see that we ourselves were bleeding. I want to give you permission today to grieve.

Myesha Chaney

Executive Director and First Lady of the Antioch Church of Long Beach



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