The Most Difficult Mental Discipline

F. O. C. U. S. Focus is easy to get but hard to keep. Because as a leader you deal with distractions all day long. As a leader, phone calls, emails, text messages, all kinds of stuff that is going on that is distracting you from your focus. I want to let you know that one of the greatest challenges I have is staying with what I have planned to do. Not getting my day hijacked.

Visionary Leadership

Vision always leaks and it always drifting. If I would poke a hole in the bottom of my water bottle it will slowly start leaking. You probably wouldn’t even notice it leaking. The same with vision, vision is always leaking and always drifting. So as a visionary leader for your church, organization, company or whatever it is that you are running, you have a vision. Here are 2 things that will help you today.

Chris Sonksen

Founder of Church BOOM



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