Reinforcing Leadership Messages

As a leader, you have to know three to five leadership messages you want to reinforce constantly. So much occurs in your organization. With all this activity, we tend to forget to “keep the main thing the main thing”. As a leader, you must know how to reinforce these messages at all times. If shared consistently, you will see your organization thrive.

Living Well Through the Seasons of Life

We are concerned as leaders of how we lead, but God is concerned with how we live. In Psalms 90:12 it says; Teach us to number our days, that we might present to you a heart of wisdom. Now this is not just a numerical quantitative numbering of days. It is a moral compass, it is a moral discernment of how short our life is, and how we have to live wisely in the presence of God. Let me expound on this.

Edmund Chan

Author, Leadership Coach & Preacher



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