People Skill

If I could teach leaders one skill, it would be the fine art of what I would call “Chit-chat”. Making small talk, making conversation about things that might be dull and boring to you but might be of great significance and value to somebody else. When you are a person in leadership people want to know if you are not just interested in what they do, but are you interested in them?

The 4th Commandment

I found myself, last year, beginning to realize that for most of my ministry I have violated, quite open, quite intentionally, unfortunately, the 4th commandment over and over. It was the 4th Commandment, it was remembering the Sabbath day and keep it Holy. It is about realizing that this day is a day, what ever day it may happen to be for us, it is a day given for reflection and day to realize that I can trust God to provide.

Doug Beacham

Presiding Bishop of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church



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