Opportunities come to those who are prepared

Opportunities come to those who are prepared. If you are not prepared, opportunities will be there but you won’t even see it. I want you to look around you today, see what opportunities you have, how they’re congruent with your preparation because you have been preparing for this opportunity your entire life. Don’t let it slip passed you!

How Vision Works

If you were to add on to or build a building, the first thing you would do is to hire an architect and have him draw up plans. In the same way, when it comes to the vision for your ministry, you start with plans. Don’t say it is all in my head, write it down on paper like it says in Habakkuk. The next step is to count the cost, let me go into more detail about that.

Bil Cornelius

Founder and Lead Pastor of Church Unlimited www.BilCornelius.com



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