No wish will come through without doing.

Dreams, vision, where you want to go, what you want to achieve, what you want to produce, wishes. But wishes are not what’s going to make it happen. You’ll have to get into the doing aspect of it. No wish will come through without doing. Here are some steps that get you from wishing to doing.

Looking and expecting for more

We all will face low places and it maybe tough, your health maybe taking a knock, maybe you are in a financial famine, whatever it may be. I’m very encouraged when I read about the 4 lepers in the book of 2 Kings 7, because I don’t think you can be in a lower place than they were. I want to share some keys from that story that will help you to look and expect for more in the low places of your life.

Wilma Olivier

Senior Pastor of Rivers Church, South Africa



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