Making Ideas Happen

It is not about having great ideas; It is about making them happen. Many leaders state that they are unable to complete a project without knowing someone who can help get it done. Being a leader who executes tasks is essential as it can open many doors of opportunities. Here are a few words to help you move a step in the right direction.

The Danger of Focus and Consistency

Focus and consistency are only helpful if we are focused on and consistent in the right things. As individual aspects, they may not help us move forward. If you look up the word “focus”, it talks about our ability to concentrate. This allows for progression if we concentrate on the most essential activities that get us to our goals. As for the word “consistent”, it states how we adhere to the same principles. In many cases, not all principles are created equally. Let me explain how we can have a balance of both traits while accomplishing our goals.

Dave Anderson

President of LearnToLead



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