Leadership can be draining

Leadership can be draining in so many ways. So what is the antidote to that? If this is a drain and leadership is draining, then how do you make sure that you don’t lose who you are, the essence that makes you the leader? It simply means that if it is draining you’ve got to make sure that it is being filled in a constant way. Here is my question for you. Where do you get your energy? Who fills your tank?

The spirit of agreement

Agreement is not the same thing as leading by consensus. I think some times that leading by consensus is the lowest form of leadership. And some times it is the alleviating of the responsibility of the leader just letting everyone else make the decisions. You need a decisive leader. Let me talk some more on this thing called agreement.

Bishop Michael Pitts

Founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Toledo, Ohio and overseer of the Cornerstone Global Network of Pastors and Leaders. www.michaelpitts.com



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