Evolving and Devolving Relationships

Where we are in life is because of relationships. There are two kinds of relationships: evolving and devolving.  Evolving  relationships are those that allow for us to grow and learn with one another, while devolving relationships do the opposite.  We must be comfortable with both aspects, as it contributes to how we are shaped as individuals.

Life's Supply and Demand

As a leader of any organization or a family, you will likely have more demand on your life than you supply. With that, you must manage what you output and what you input. You must manage your withdrawals and deposits. It is just like your bank account. If you were to withdraw from your account without providing deposits, you would go bankrupt. Now relate that with your time and energy. What type of deposits will help you from your own type of bankruptcy?

Touré Roberts

Pastor of The Potter's House www.areyouwhole.com/home-1



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