Do you think I’m boring?

Have you ever been around boring people? The definition of a “bore” is very simple; Somebody who just likes to talk about themselves. Here is a sentence that I want you to remember, “To be interesting you have to be interested.” So when someone is talking to you, are you thinking about the story you are going to tell about yourself? Are you going to talk about a parallel experience you have had? It is not a competition. People like to be around interesting people because… they are interested.

Organizational Clarity

Sometimes my wife and I will be in a conversation and then just a day later, or a few days later, we’ll refer back to that conversation. We will have interpreted what we said or what the other person said completely differently. This happens all the time, in all of our relationships. So I want to encourage you to continue to press towards clarity. Write it clear, think it clear, say it clear.

Kevin Gerald

Lead Pastor of Champions Centre in in Tacoma, WA



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