Detached Concern

I am a leadership consultant. When people call me into their organization, they call me at the highest level. I always start with the CEO, Senior Pastor, and so on. People tell me, in confidence, things that are very private and intimate. If I am not careful, all of those become “heavy weights” in my life as they have major implications. With that, I constantly practice “detached concern.” Here is how this applies to you.

Willingness to Change

They say the only constant in life is change. Many people like change, or at least they say they do. They love to change their decor, hair color, and so forth. That is because it is change that they are initiating. But when it comes to others initiating change, they become a little, or a lot resistant. I am a part of the majority. Change is not bad and this is why.

Danielle Pearce

Senior Pastor of C3 Kawana Waters



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