Changing Leadership Style

The style of your leadership that worked a year ago may not work next year, and may be diminishing this year. So your style of leadership has many different inputs in to it. For example, I was a different person last year than I am today. Not at my core, but how I see the world, my opinions, my observations, how I respond to things, what is important to me, etc., those things have changed. My leadership style is informed by my experiences and needs to adjust to where I am now.

Engaging Leaders

There are 3 qualities that I look for when I engage with a leader. I found that these qualities have set a person apart and really determine how effective they will be in their leadership. The first thing I look for when I engage with a leader is courage. The courage to change. Many of my clients tend to be people that are 20-25 years in to their leadership career and have some success. And sometimes our greatest enemy is our past success. Let me explain that in more detail.

Kevin Donaldson

Executive Coach/Consultant at Exponent Leadership



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