Are you being overlooked?

In the 70’s I was leading a department in the church I was a member of. Then someone else came into the church and the pastor put him in charge of the department I was leading without letting me know… I felt overlooked, I felt like “Hey, I’ve been working here faithfully…” This is what you need to remind yourself. Others may overlook you, others may pass you up, but the One who keeps score has got His eye on you.

Finding Your Purpose

I believe I am uniquely qualified to help a generation to find their purpose or to simply ask the question, what is my purpose. There are so many people afraid to ask that question. I believe that before you were in your mothers womb, before you were in your fathers loins that God had a plan and purpose for you. I believe there are some barriers that hinder us from walking in our purpose. These are some of those barriers.

Matthew Thompson

Senior Pastor at Jubilee Christian Church in Boston, MA



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